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Power Rodding and Hydro Jetting

Orland Park’s Power Rodding Professionals Will Clean And Clear Your Clogged Sewer Line!

PlumberPower Rodding and Hydro-Jetting

 Throughout Chicagoland there are many homes that were built in the 1980’s or earlier that are vulnerable to recurring drain and sewer clogs due to sludge build up over time.  Because of that fact, most plumbers recommend that you have your sewer pipes cleaned at least once a year.  A-Ability Plumbing’s experienced plumbers have years of experience in cleaning and clearing blocked sewer pipes using Power Rodding and Hydro-Jetting technology.

 What is Power Rodding?

Power Rodding is a standard method used by A-Ability Plumbing to clear away blockages to sewer pipes.  Power Rodding involves the use of a steel cable that locates and breaks through blockages found deep within your sewer pipes.  The snake-like steel cable features an electric motor and a set of sharp teeth that can cut through the toughest blockages including tree roots and thick sludge.  And the best part of all, A-Ability Plumbing can use Power Rodding to clear your blockages without having to tear up your yard and replace your sewer line!

 What is Hydro-Jetting?

Like Power Rodding, Hydro-Jetting is a great alternative to a major sewer line replacement project.  Unlike Power Rodding, Hydro-Jetting will not employ a steel cutting technology to clear away debris.  Instead, Hydro-Jetting will use high pressure water jets to cut away debris and wash it out of the pipe.  At 3500 psi, Hydro-Jetting can clear away the toughest of blockages including those of tree roots.  And similar to Power Rodding, A-Ability Plumbing can use Hydro-Jetting to clear your blockages without destroying your yard and replacing your sewer line.

How do I know if my pipes may be blocked?

If you suspect you may have a blockage it’s best to call A-Ability Plumbing to help you assess the situation.  However, there are some signs to watch for that will alert you to potential problems.  One thing to consider would be any odd noises that come from floor drains in your basement whenever water is being run.  If you hear strange gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from the drain it’s likely that there is a blockage.  You may also notice that your toilet or bathtub begins to drain more slowly than usual.  It may be a simple clog near ground level but it could also be a more serious blockage.  You should contact A-Ability Plumbing as soon as you suspect a problem to prevent any further damage.

To learn more about Power Rodding and Hydro-Jetting contact A-Ability Plumbing for a free assessment!