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Ejector Pumps

A-Ability Plumbing Has Decades Of Experience In Ejector Pump Repair in Orland Park and Surrounding Communities!


Plumber Fixing PipeWhat Is an Ejector Pump?

Many homes in the Chicagoland area, especially those with finished basements, are equipped with both Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps.  The two pumps look relatively similar and are often located side by side.  The Sump Pump and Ejector Pump both have the same function.  They pump water out of the basement.

The Difference Between Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps.

The main difference between the two pumps is where the water comes from and where it is pumped to.  With a sump pump, the water comes from ground water that has seeped into the basement.  The sump pump then pumps the water out a pipe that usually goes onto the home’s lawn.

Ejector Pumps are found mainly in homes with below grade bathrooms and laundry rooms such as those found in finished basements.  The water pumped by the ejector pump is wastewater that comes from a washing machine, utility sink, or bathroom that is below grade.  This wastewater gets pumped into the main sewer line like all other wastewater from the home.

The Importance of the Ejector Pump

Water backups in your basement of any type can pose devastating problems to your home.  As you may have guessed though, water backups from a failed ejector pump can be especially menacing.  The failure of your ejector pump could mean that your finished basement is flooded with wastewater and sewage.  This requires expensive repairs and cleanup to get you home back to normal.

Ejector Pump Solutions For Your Orland Park Home.

At A-Ability Plumbing we can help you ensure that you never have to deal with the unsanitary mess of a failed ejector pump.  We have several options available to fit most budgets, including battery backups that ensure you are protected during power outages.